Setting Personal OKRs for 2022

A series of wooden blocks in a row, which spell out “OKR 2022”, changing from 2021.
Source: Adobe Stock

Work/Higher Education

  1. Continue practicing one LeetCode question every weekday.
  2. Continue my current applications for MSc programmes and grad schemes
  3. Work on a personal software side project over the course of 1–2 month periods. Currently, I’m enjoying learning about Machine Learning in MATLAB, and so will focus efforts onto AI/ML in MATLAB and Python.


  1. Continue meditating and playing Sudoku on weekdays, for mental fitness
  2. Continue with Amateur Boxing or Thai Boxing (which one I stick with is highly dependent on the Omicron situation & any regional competitions) 3x per week
  3. Continue long-distance running, but reduce it to once a week to allow time for gym sessions and strength conditioning to supplement boxing training. 1–2 gym sessions per week.


  1. Continue with 15 minutes of harmonica and 15 minutes of reading a day
  2. Write more often: intentionally left generic as writing about a new topic will count towards my ‘new, enjoyable thing every week’
  3. Find more ‘off-line’ ways to spend weekends and try to achieve the once a week objective this way where possible



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